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We actively participate in both the Continuum of Care and the Opportunity Knocks Process Meetings. We are proud to work with so many caring government, faith based and other agencies and individuals focused on eradicating homelessness in El Dorado County by 2020.

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One Afternoon.
Fortunately, I ate an early lunch.  The phone rang before noon. 
"My wife and I are both disabled, homeless and holed up in Motel 6. Help!"

Got CAM to drive over to the Veterans Memorial Building. Started the usual intake, but Chris Thompson of the El Dorado County Department of Veteran Affairs took one look at him, and said, "he needs to go to ER." Since CAM's wife also needed to go to the ER, it was agreed to simply pump some gas, and have CAM get his wife, and have them both go to Marshall ER. And pay for another night at Motel 6, since they did not have the strength to repack their van.

Chris gave me a lead on a Veteran in jail, who might qualify for Veterans Treatment Court (VTC).  Went straight to jail, and got in to see JAK. Not before the Corrections Officer wanted to discuss getting trustees working again over at the Legion. Good news, actually.  JAK did not have his glasses, and could not get the phone to work. Using hand signals, actually managed to get the data Kimberly Higgins, the Mather Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist, would need to check out his eligibility.  Went straight to court. No, JAK does not qualify for VTC. He already plead. Too late.

 No, GOC did not get arrested again. The jail makes it look like that on line just for showing up for mandated work crew. (Who knew?)

JAM needs to get housing now. And for his girl friend, a homeless Marine. And her two kids. Ok, maybe next month.  DEG's phone still does not work. It has been a month. No, he does not want a flip phone.  RED has no drivers license. And has to get to court. And DUI classes.  RAD's back, looking good in Orange. Judge is very kind, and readmits him to VTC.  
Where is ARK? I thought he was going to turn himself in? He got apprehended last night. Will find out next month if the judge will let him back into VTC.  Go home. "What do you mean, you still haven't gone to ER? She wants to take a shower first? Go, now!"

SHA calls. "They are kicking me out today. Got the three day notice." Ok, try Tess first. If she takes you, go there. If not, try Pete. It will cost more, there may be bed bugs. And there may be druggies.

 There may have been more.  It was enough.

David Zelinsky, Service Officer , American Legion Post 119, 530-919-8488