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Working Together to End Homelessness in El Dorado County.

We actively participate in both the Continuum of Care and the Opportunity Knocks Process Meetings. We are proud to work with so many caring government, faith based and other agencies and individuals focused on eradicating homelessness in El Dorado County by 2020.

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Thank you for coming out and joining us this last weekend!  We had a blast - some some folks we missed all year, some new faces and made some new friends.  We had some great speakers in Rich Meagher of our Veterans Team and Sue Bilger who is a client who was chronically homeless and now housed.  


A special thanks to Craig and Beth Zangari of HAZE for the awesome brew, Bill Swift and Thrivent for Lutherans, Katie Chaney of Katie Caters and Auntie Paula for the wonderful wine and last, but not least to the Veterans Hall folks who make us feel welcome each and every time we walk through the doors! 

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Thank you to the Women's Fund for the generous grant to help us make dreams come true!

Rapid Rehousing and Housing First Works!

War Memorials as seen at night
1. Korean War Veterans Memorial
Seen at night, the soldiers seem ghostly, as if they are fading out, just as memories of this war, and the lives of its Veterans, are fading out.
One Marine told me that the soldiers had that "thousand yard" stare. The ponchos enhance the sense of their slog.
2. Vietnam Veterans Memorial 
I did not expect much from this. A wall with names on it?
Turned out, it packed a punch.
The wall starts out very low, perhaps a few inches high. Then, the deeper we stepped into it, the higher the wall of the killed in action got, until the path hit bottom. Then, as we slowly climbed out, the wall of the dead slowly got smaller. It seemed to take  forever to get out.
Viscerally, it was like experiencing the Vietnam years again. Slowly sliding in, the death tolls get higher, and then, getting out of it, but slowly, as the death tolls got lower. Slowly.
In the middle of the night, the only other folks there were some Rolling Thunder Vietnam Veterans. Taking another hit to the gut.

 David Zelinsky , Service Officer 
American Legion Post 119

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Dana LaForce
Client Needs Lead. Brave Heart. Mom. Warrior. Roaming Angel.

Hope in Action

Meet *H.E.A.R.T.

Poverty isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round Rapid RE-Housing and Street Outreach Teams work so hard to help house people in need - day in, day out. 
H.E.A.R.T. is nothing short of amazing.  Read how they help those in need, right here at home.  Please consider a monthly pledge to keep this program viable.
Our teams need your help now. 

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