Working Together to End Homelessness in El Dorado County.

We actively participate in both the Continuum of Care and the Opportunity Knocks Process Meetings. We are proud to work with so many caring government, faith based and other agencies and individuals focused on eradicating homelessness in El Dorado County by 2020.

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Many of you may have had first hand experience with the Kimbia site malfunction and we still made news in the Sacramento Region for Giving.  That's your BIGDoG shout out.  YOU DID IT!   Your collective effort was massive, made more herculean because of national system failures.

Big Day of Giving directly engages all residents as partners in change, a point in time where the true democratization of philanthropy is in full swing. It's when big donors, small donors and volunteers come together for the betterment of our society; the day we stand as one community and care about everybody in it. This year, we didn't let those system failures stop us from committing to one another. 

Big Day of Giving takes months of preparation and we're seeing right now how much follow-up is required to reconcile donations, deal with the national vendor's failure, and steward every donor's trust.   Even more remarkable, the community foundations sustain community engagement efforts well beyond Big Day of Giving. For instance, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation tackles especially tough, systemic problems with their leadership role in accelerating access to higher education; working toward a healthy, accessible food system for all; investing in a thriving cultural community; and expanding philanthropy. 

The urgency and size of today's problems require that nonprofits work efficiently and work together. Our local community foundations provide the new leadership required to indeed move mountains. We appluad all their efforts to promote real change in our communities.

And specific to Big Day of Giving, a special shout out to the Sacramento Region Community Foundation for turning your philanthropy command center into an emergency triage center, all for the health of our nonprofits. We are a better community because you're part of it. 

Thank you. 

May 28 Spring Dinner is almost here!

Tickets Available at the door or from a board member near you!  

Call us at 530.344.1864 if you need some in advance!

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*Housing Emergency Assessment & Response Team
Dana LaForce
Client Needs Lead. Brave Heart. Mom. Warrior. Roaming Angel.

Hope in Action

Meet *H.E.A.R.T.

Poverty isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round Rapid RE-Housing and Street Outreach Teams work so hard to help house people in need - day in, day out. 
​H.E.A.R.T. is nothing short of amazing.  Read how they help those in need, right here at home.  Please consider a monthly pledge to keep this program viable.
Our teams need your help now. 

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those in need


for Housing

Corporate Office: 676 Canal St/Placerville, CA 95667

Accounting Office: 23501 Skyview Terr./Los Gatos, CA 95033


Call 530.344.1864

Join us on May 28th where we will ask that you help us house Veterans, families, individuals and everyone who falls through the cracks.  Less than 6% of our donations go to cover our overhead.  That means that about .95 cents of EVERY DOLLAR you donate, goes directly to serving our clients in need.  Join us for some great family fun - American Fare and a chance to help us help others once again!

Rapid Rehousing and Housing First Works!

Memorial Weekend Spring Event
May 28,2016 4:00-8:00 pm $15/person
Veterans Memorial Hall, 130 Placerville Drive
Corn-Hole Competition starts promptly at 4:00 pm
Dinner will be buffet style, self-serve, opening at 5:00 pm
For more information, call 408 460-2061 or 530 344-1864

Please be generous with your time, treasures or talents.  We need them all!  

Remember...Every little bit helps.

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