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H.E.A.R.T. is nothing short of amazing.  Read how they help those in need, right here at home.  Please consider a monthly pledge to keep this program viable. Our teams need your help now. 
Poverty isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round Rapid RE-Housing and Street Outreach Teams work so hard to help house people in need - day in, day out. 

Meet *H.E.A.R.T.

Patty Gray
Team member. Court Reporter. Mom. Volunteer. Entrepreneur.

Hope in Action

Dana LaForce
Client Needs Lead. Brave Heart. Mom. Warrior. Roaming Angel.
Melissa Calvert
Real Estate Lead. Mom. Biz Wiz. Pro. Volunteer. Photographer w/amazing eye.
*Housing Emergency Assessment & Response Team
​​​​​​​​​​​What we need in a volunteer
and weALWAYS need Volunteers!
The most important requirement for volunteering for Only Kindness' Community Resource Center (CRC) is a heart for the people we work with.  While we do work with a resourceful and independent Mom who is experiencing a crisis due to a lost job or divorce, most of the clients who come to us present with varied deeper issues. Mental illness, addiction, disability, PTSD. You must come with a deep compassion, really believing that, "there but for the grace of God, go I."  If you have that heart, the next requirement is an entrepreneurial spirit.  This skill set includes being organized and self-motivated, with the ability to initiate and manage. 

Lastly, professionalism.  You need to be aware that the data you collect is highly confidential and when mishandled can do damage. Although the clients you assist might be in messy circumstances, they are always to be treated with the respect you yourself would admire if in the same circumstances.

Once trained, you may be completing intakes and assessments, making determinations about a client, their health, their honesty, their abilities and their eligibility for various services and benefits. You will also be working with numerous other organizations and people, trying to find the optimal way to help a particular client. This is a big job, so working alongside our trained teams until you are well trained is time consuming, but very important.

Our Process
If you decide to volunteer, your first point of contact will be one of our HEART Team members.  We serve at Saturday Cafe (Common Ground) at Green Valley Community Church (3500 Missouri Flat Road in Placerville) every third Saturday from about 9 to noon.  Bring your completed application and from there, you will make arrangements to shadow a team member soon.  We will all work to get you set up as a volunteer. You will  have 2-3 months minimum of shadowing them as they do intakes and assessments.  After that, you can work with our teams to see where your talents best fit.  If you are interested in joining our Veterans Team, let them know and they will connect to David or another Vet Team volunteer.

Please be gracious with us if we do not respond or move as quickly as you'd like once you decide to join our team. Remember, we are all volunteers too.  We have to maintain the balance in our lives, to support our friends and families as much as we support the CRC and our clients. We must take the time to care for ourselves so we do not burn out.  We always need your help and we welcome you.  

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Mom. Entrepreneur. Resource Queen..

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