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A grant to Only Kindness, Inc. will help El Dorado County enhance coordinated services for the homeless there. "Because we don't currently have an effective data collection system in place, our county receives little federal and state funding to combat homelessness, and we have to meet a late-year deadline to be eligible for future funding," said Rene Evans, Executive Director of Only Kindness, Inc. "The Foundation's timely award substantially supports our effort to address homelessness in El Dorado County."

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Working Together to End Homelessness in El Dorado County.

We actively participate in both the Continuum of Care and the Opportunity Knocks Process Meetings. We are proud to work with so many caring government, faith based and other agencies and individuals focused on eradicating homelessness in El Dorado County by 2020.

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Another slow day.
It looked like a slow day.
Went to 8 am arraignment. No Veterans. Weird. 8% of our inmates are Veterans. 60 plus folks being arraigned. By rights, should be five Veterans. But zip.
Go to jail. Is A here? Nope, not in custody. B? Nope, not in custody. C? Yes, but he has a visitor. D? Yes, you can visit him. 
Gave D some advice on a VA housing program that might help, and some limits that landlords face in accessing background information on him. Agreed to contact his wife, and give her info.
C was now available. Found out he needs bus passes. Homeless. Passed my card to him, with several other referrals written on it.
After lunch, went to meeting at Veterans Memorial Building. Before it gets started, met with long time client, a homeless Veteran, who does not want to spend winter outdoors again. He already turned down the State Veterans Home in Redding a couple years ago, but maybe this time...
A lady wants to know if some Veterans have been invited to a shindig. Yes, they have, and I gave the names to TAG.
The meeting was cancelled. Only we met for two hours anyway. Setting up a full time Stand Down. Progress is being made. 
Oh yes, VFW 10165 is on track for getting a wheelchair and bedside commode to a Veteran.
"Can someone connect me to the Food Trucks for a fundraiser?" Found it.
A sheriff's deputy calls. Isolated alcoholic Veteran. Can I help?
Offered five times to take him to detox. But now, not later, in the dark, down dirt roads that I don't know. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'll tough it out." Medically his choice was very dangerous. But I could not force him to go with me.
There was probably other stuff. 
Good night.
David Zelinsky/Service Officer/American Legion Post 119
For a Veteran in need, please call:  530-919-8488


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Thank you to the Women's Fund & the Lyon Cares Foundation for the generous grants to help us purchase a used truck & trailer & for ongoing support so we can reach more people in crisis!


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