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Every year, it seems like I see more and more new homeless faces than I ever have in my life.  As the weather gets bitter in the Sierras, I shudder when I think about anyone sleeping in tents or in their cars, especially if they have kids with them.  I’m am haunted by the growing number of homeless teens I see hanging out who are obviously without a warm place to go....

Latest statistics show five states—California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts—accounted for more than half of the homeless population in the United States. This past year, according to US Department of Housing and Urban Development, California experienced the second-largest increase in the number of homeless people among 50 states.

On any given night, the National Alliance to End Homelessness says nearly 579,000 Americans are homeless. Of that number, more than 362,000 are individuals, and over 216,000 are people in families.  About 15 percent are considered chronically homeless.  Nearly 9 percent are veterans and 50,000 youth sleep on the streets for 6 months or more every year.  

If you’re not in a position to help financially, remember that a smile, kind word and respect go a long way. People who are homeless deserve our empathy.

Choose where you would like to help most or we'll be happy to decide where it's needed the most.