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Only Kindness, Inc. 

23501 Skyview Terrace/Los Gatos, CA/95033

Our Projects:  

Our origins and ongoing administration support are in Santa Cruz County, but we engage in projects at many locations.  Our active Santa Cruz projects are:

  • Only Kindness Respite Services:  We serve families with disabled members in Santa Cruz County.

  • Cornerstone Prison Outreach:  Through this project, we encourage inmates with books, letters, bible studies and other special requests nationally.

  • Jackie's House:  When able, we assist families in crises in Santa Cruz County with housing and support, especially those who are facing homelessness due to family crisis, job loss, mental health issues, domestic violence, abuse and addictions.

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About Our Company

Where the need is found and where we have one person who is willing to meet that need...that's right where you'll find us. We are a street outreach, boots on the ground, grass roots organization.  We have an amazing team of volunteers including parents, environmentalists, advocates, professionals, caretakers and visionaries.  Look around our site, learn more about us, call us or make an appointment and stop in to see us.  We hope you'll be pleased to learn more about our programs and support us in our mission fields of Northern California.  Read more.....

Our History

In 2000, key staff in Santa Cruz, CA who had worked with the disabled community for many years identified intriguing trends for that population and began working together to meet needs with the intention of avoiding future crisis.  We observed that very often, disability and disadvantage led to dropping out of school, difficulty holding a job and eventually and unfortunately homelessness, addiction, mental health issues and a cycle of increasing disability and vulnerability.  From those observations we created our non-profit Only Kindness, Inc.

At first, we provided only respite care and an inclusive day care home.  But as the recession continued to grow ever deeper we found that the local community needs were changing and growing.  Our connections in Northern rural counties in California observed a rapid increase in homelessness in their communities.  As we began to serve these populations, we discovered that many were disabled and all were disadvantaged.  We garnered our resources to support the El Dorado County efforts and developed the Community Resource Center for Change (which recently went mobile to conserve precious resources to house more people).  

Jackie's House and Respite Care Services (Los Gatos, CA) have continued throughout the process of reorganization and we are currently preparing to increase those services.

Our Staff

Only Kindness, Inc. houses a Board of Directors that engages unique characteristics.  Our Directors are past clients, parents, advocates for the homeless, advocates for children, teachers who speak and interpret sign language and even a few lifelong vegetarians convinced that we must be better stewards of all of our precious and limited resources.  Our founder, Jennifer LaForce brought these unique visions together based on her experience living in Africa for 7 years.  We all focus on connections that bring us together with our environment for the greater good and that bind us together as a powerful team.  We are driven to find opportunities to serve our fellow man, assist people in distress and disabled, disadvantaged, under-served, under-resourced and we help them manage through a crisis.

Our Goals

To strengthen families and communities through the provision of unique services.  To train people with an emphasis on tolerance and compassion; inclusive of all individuals, disabled or disadvantaged.

The Hope of Help

That's what we're about...

Serving people who are disadvantaged or disabled has led to a prison outreach, a project to publish the words of a coma victim and an inmate in a a maximum security prison, flexible respite care for families who care for their disabled members, a Mobile Operation in El Dorado County that serves vulnerable individuals and families who need help with resources, disability advocacy and more.