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re:Visions has been designed to work with the community to help the community.  re:Visions will accept donations of a wide range of household and "some" furniture items.  We will re:Purpose them and set them out for sale.  The prices are very affordable since the items are 100% donated.  Each staff member is a volunteer and loves what they do.  They are encouraged to be creative and to use their artistic side to create vignettes of products for sale.  Unlike a standard thrift store, re:Visions will bring usefulness to re:Purposed items.  All sales proceeds will be distributed into the community each quarter, including support to Only Kindness, Inc..  

Recipients are other local non-profit organizations.  We are always looking for amazing folks to join our team.  re:Love what you do; join a team of amazing volunteers for 4 hours shifts as often as you'd like to serve.  Contact Katie Chaney for more details at 530.409.9504.

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