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Volunteer with us.  Help us help others...By joining our team, you can make a huge difference in the lives of a Veteran, a limited income senior, a mom, a dad, a sister, a brother, a mother or a friend.  We all belong to somebody and we all deserve a hand up in that unfortunate event of a crisis.  


Come Join our team and see what YOU can do.


Our Executive Director  - Rene Evans

Jennifer La Force
Her background in finance helps guide us toward our long-term goals.

Dana La Force
Our original Earth Angel spends her free time devoted to the well-being of others.

Katie Chaney
Our favorite chef, publisher of Dovetail News and founder: re:Visions.


No one deserves to be homeless. We see a world where everyone can thrive versus survive.


To provide housing and stabilization where other resources aren't available RIGHT HERE AT HOME.

Rene's experience in project management, transitional housing, social services and working with multiple competing projects simultaneously has given us the courage to keep our boots on the ground, our spirits high and ours eyes on our long term goals.  

Corporate History


2009 - Jennifer La Force begins respite care for families with disabled children. Dana La Force opens EDC division writing CAN grants and offering                     showers via the SOAP program.

  1. 2010 - Dana La Force and Rene Evans join forces in El Dorado County operations.
  2. 2010- 2012  The CRC granted $10k start up funds by El Dorado Community Foundation. The CRC helps orchestrate the county's first 7 night/wk shelter, serving as a day resource center in the absence of one in the community. Receives $10k grant funding from the Women's Fund to launch the Steps to Success program and we offer onsite showers/laundry and more.
  3. 2013-The CRC exceeds 16,800 visits and 4,500 showers for our community.  Begins focusing on new housing project: Susie's House.​
  4. 2014- 2015The CRC goes mobile!  Only Kindness opens two new business models (re:Visions & S.O.S.) and opens 2 Susie's House locations.  Only Kindness partners with the the County of El Dorado to open/operate Perks Court facility. ​Only Kindness partners with American Legion Post 119 to house and assist Veterans.  
  5. We're housing Vets, Women, Men, Children and Seniors. Stay tuned for Tiny House Dreams!